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  • Made in Italy
  • Made in Italy


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  • Glare reduction flag-sweden Glare reduction
  • 100% UV400 protection 100% UV400 protection
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Quality and Details

Designed for winter sports enthusiasts looking for high performance, comfort and style. The matt black frame is complemented by a black-and-pink slash design and white lettering of the strap. Two authentic Zeiss© lenses are included - a pink category 2 lens for low light or low visibility conditions, and a black category 3 lens for the harsh brightness of a clear day on the piste. Our Italian-made snow goggles combine style with functionality: the cylindrical lenses offer a reassuringly wide field of vision; three layers of foam offer all-day comfort; a no-slip silicone lining holds the strap more securely to the helmet; and advanced anti-fog and anti-scratch technologies ensure the clarity of vision to plan your next sweet carve.

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  • Wraparound design with wide field of peripheral vision. The cylindrical lenses and facial padding from a triple layer of foam ensures total comfort and adjustability to any face shape.
  • Italian lenses from ZEISS© the leading international producer of high precision lenses which provide sharpness of visibility and the absolute minimum optical distortion.
  • ZEISS© lenses have very high durability, and offer 100% UV protection, impact resistant, anti-scratch exterior coating and anti-fogging interior coating, guaranteeing optimal vision.
  • High quality Made in Italy polyurethane frame. Light and flexible.
  • Top of the line ventilation.
  • Adjustable 40mm elastic strap, with no-slip silicone lining.
  • Measurements: Width: 172 mm x 97 mm. Thickness: 24 mm. Depth: 67 mm.
  • CE mark, confirming conformity with European Union Regulation (UE) 2016/425 and other international standards.
  • Includes:
  • Two high-performance ZEISS© lenses for different weather conditions.
  • A prefitted category 3 lens (indicted on the lens by ‘S3’) with high glare protection for clear and sunny days.
  • Included in the pack, a category 2 lens (indicted on the lens by ‘S2’) for cloudy with less solar glare or days with conditions of reduced visibility.
  • Microfibre pouch and box.


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