PLAY HAWKERS, S.L. with domicile at Elche Parque Empresarial, calle Marie Curie, nº 34 with VAT number B-54.754.718, company duly registered in the Companies Register of Alicante, volume 347, foil 166, page 138493, (hereinafter “ORGANIZER” or “HAWKERS”), provides at disposal of the contestants the terms and conditions by which the Draw “PAULA ECHEVARRIA EXPERIENCE 2019” is governed (hereinafter “DRAW”).


The involvement time period of the Draw begins on the 30 July of 2019, at 16:00, CET, and ends 18 August of 2019 at 16.00pm, CET, being unadmitted new participations since that moment.

The Organizer reserves the right to suspend, delay, cancel or modify the duration of the Draw at any time until the end of the Draw, by justified reasons that will be announced through the communication channels, including social media owned by the Organizer, seized to announce and organize the Draw.

Every person shall participate, without any cost (the costs derived from the Internet connection are not included), if criteria and requirements are met.


In order to participate in the Draw, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • To be natural person.
  • To be of legal age (+18 years).
  • UE resident.
  • Meet the requirements and participation process.

Participation in the Draw is totally free, without existing any cost or additional charge associated to the participation in it.

With the aim to guarantee the independence of the Draw, and the transparency of the celebration of it, the managing personnel, employees of the Organizer, as well as any collaborator and/or direct or indirect subcontractor that could have taken part in the development of the Draw, or any of the current or existing elements, or in the celebration of the same, as well as any relative until the second degree of kinship, are not able to participate in the Draw and, in the event in which they had participated, are equally not permitted to be chosen as winners.

People that does not meet any of or all the requirements are not permitted to participate. If any of the people that does not meet the criteria is chosen as winner will be excluded from the Draw and will lose the right to receive the prize.

Organizer reserves the right to admit or expulse any contestant that block or difficult in any way the good development of the Draw, and/or in any case take actions considered as abusive, contrary to the good faith, and the independence, impartiality, and objectivity principles of the result of the Draw.

Participation in the Draw implies the acceptance of each and all of the conditions provided by the current Bases, and the corresponding declaration of winners, when it ends.


The prize will be as follows:

  • Possibility of choosing a companion to enjoy the prize.
  • Two nights of accommodation at the “Puente Romano Hotel” in Marbella. From September 6, 2019 to September 8, 2019.
  • Breakfast included.
  • Travel with return to the Hotel. ***
  • Photo session with professional photographer and professional makeup artist.
  • Sunglasses collection “JUST PAULA SS19”

* The prize does not include, in any case, any type of displacement outside the mentioned ones, nor any type of additional cost to those mentioned, which must be paid by the winner of the draw and / or his companion.

** The development of the Draw, as described herein, must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Second Clause of the Terms and Conditions.

*** Such displacement will not be included for the winner or for the companion if any of them reside outside Spain.

The displacement will be chosen at the discretion of the Organizer, being able to determine, at its sole choice, the means of transport. Any transport expenses that are not chosen and / or approved by the Organizer must be paid by the Winner and / or his companion.


Every contestant willing to participate in the Draw must follow the following process:

  1. i.- Access to the landing: JUST PAULA
  2. ii.- Introduce their name, surname, phone number and email.

Only the participations who expressly comply with all the requirements reflected in these Terms and Conditions and who have followed the established procedure will be held in accounts by the Organizer.

It only will be considered by the Organizer those participations that had met the requirements provided in the current Bases.


Without prejudice to the limitations settle for the participation in the present Draw, if the Organizer detects or achieve enough signs, independently of the means seized, that a person has participated in the Draw impersonating someone, as they were different users, or breaching any rule from the current ones, the contestant will be automatically eliminated and disqualified.


Once the term expressly established in the current Bases has concluded, a Draw shall be initiated (using www.augeweb.com/azar/ tool or similar) in order to obtain the name of the winner user among all the contestants that met the requirements expressly established, and that has fulfilled correctly the forms (hereinafter, the “Winner User”).

In any case, only those contestants that fulfilled all the requirements established in the current Bases shall participate in the selection of the Winner User.

August 20, 2019 will be the date when the winner will be announced by sending an email.

In the event the Winner User does not answer to the previous message within the next 48 hours from the notification, or if the Winner User refuses the prize, the Organizer will considered that the Winner User rejects the prize, and consequently a new random election is to be performed in order to choose another Winner User. In the event the new classified does not answer within a new term of 48 hours from the communication of the prize, the Organizer reserves the right to decide what to do with it, being able even to not award the prize.

The dates of enjoyment of the prize could not be changed, in case the Winner do not have availability or could not (for whatever reason) enjoy the prize on said dates, the Winner will renounce the prize, the Organizer must choose a new Winner as indicated above or, conversely, if the situation does not allow it, leave the prize vacant.

In any event, the Organizer will not be responsible in case any of the personal data provided by the Winner User appears to be false or incorrect in order to identify or notify the prize, and therefore appears not to be able to identify or notify the award.


As described in Clause 4.


To the prizes of the present Draw any tax laws or relevant rules shall be applied, pursuant to Spanish legislation.



The personal data that can be provided by the user as part of their participation in the Draw will be treated in accordance with the provisions of this clause on data protection, having more information about it in the Organizer's Privacy Policy. In this sense, the participant gives his free, specific, express and unequivocal consent for his data to be treated for the purposes set forth below.

By participating in this promotion, the interested party accepts that the Organizer, treat their data for the following purposes:

  • Manage your participation in the Draw, its development, the designation of the winner (s) and the delivery of the prize.
  • Send to the Participant commercial communications of the Organizer, if the Participant authorizes it by checking the corresponding box.
  • Send to the Participant commercial information of companies of the Organizer Group of Companies and other companies with which it collaborates.
  • Send personalized offers to the Participant.

The data will be kept for the time necessary for the realization of the purposes for which they were collected, unless the Participant requests their withdrawal or revoke their consent.


The requested data will be mandatory (unless otherwise specified) to fulfill the established purposes.

Therefore, if they are not provided or not provided correctly, participants cannot participate in this Draw.


The processing of the Participant's data is based on the consent that is requested and that can be withdrawn at any time. However, if participants withdraw their consent, this will not affect the legality of the treatments performed previously.


By accepting these terms, and provided that it is not indicated otherwise, the interested party gives his consent so that his personal data, specifically the name, surname and image, can be included in the list of winners that can be published in the social networks Instagram and Facebook of the Organizer.

Likewise, if authorized, the Participant's data may be communicated to the following entities:

  • Banks and financial institutions.
  • Public Administrations that by law apply.


The Participant guarantees that the information provided, where appropriate, is true, accurate, complete and up-to-date, being responsible for any direct or indirect damage or loss that may be caused as a result of the breach of such obligation. In the event that the data provided, where appropriate, belonged to a third party, the Participant guarantees that he has informed said third party of the aspects contained in these Terms and obtained his authorization to provide his data to the Organizer for the indicated purposes.


The Participant has the right to:

  • Revoke the consents granted.
  • Access to personal data.
  • Rectify inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Request the deletion of the data when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes that were collected.
  • Obtain from the Organizer the limitation of the data processing when any of the conditions established in the data protection regulations are met.
  • Request the portability of the data.
  • Oppose the processing of the data.
  • Contact the Organizer's data protection officer, by sending a communication to the address previously set forth in the first clause to the attention of the “Data Protection Officer”.
  • Claim before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, through the following address www.agpd.es when the interested party considers that the Organizer has violated the rights that are recognized by the applicable data protection regulations.


The Organizer, as well as any other company related to the Draw, will not be liable of possible loss, damages, harm, delay, or any other circumstance attributable to third parties or Internet, that may affect the participation in the Draw.

Additionally, the Organizer does not guarantee the availability, continuity, nor infallibility of the functioning of Internet platform seized for the development of the Draw, and consequently excludes, in the maximum allowed measure, any liability by harm or prejudice of any nature produced by the lack of availability, continuity, nor infallibility of the mentioned platform, that may affect or block the participation in the current Draw or its normal development.

In the event the lack of availability of the platform in which is developed the Draw affects more than the 25% of the term expressly provided for the development of the Draw, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel and repeat the Draw, being able in that event to avoid all the participations remitted until that date, that will be conserved for the following Draw.

Even when the Organizer is engaged to comply with duly diligence its obligations as Organizer, gathered in the current Bases, it must not be liable: for the inappropriate use of the Internet platform by the contestants; for mistakes in the contents and data provided by those nor for the failed access attempts to the platform related to the Draw, or its information, neither for the mistakes or technical failures that may occur when processing the participations, and of any harms or damages that could suffer the Winner User due to the participation in the current Draw or due to the use of the Prize, but only for its liability related to its own products before the consumers and users.

Furthermore, the Organizer is not responsible for any damage and/or injury that the user may have for the challenge (in the video that the user must upload on Instagram) indicated above by the Organizer.

In any event, if it is detected that de the Winner User has incurred in fraud or dishonesty, the Organizer reserves its right to exclude him/her or not to award the Prize. Additionally, the Organizer reserves its right to delete from the register any contestant from which is suspected an irregular performance, without prior notification.

Any abusive or fraudulent use of the current Bases by the contestants will produce automatically the resignation of those.

The participation in the Draw implies that the contestant has read and accepted the present disclaimer clause and the Bases that govern the Draw.


In any case, the Organizer reserves the right to modify in any moment the conditions or Bases of the present Draw, without prejudice of the appropriate announcement by any means used for the celebration of the same, without assuming any liability for the modification, or for any force majeure or circumstances not controlled by the Organizer, engaging itself to communicate with enough advance the new Bases and participation criteria.

Likewise, and as long as it exists a justified and duly motivated cause, the Organizer reserves its right to cancel the Draw. In that event, and so long as that the term expressly provided in the current rule has not ended, the Organizer does not commit to the award of the Prize expressly indicated.

In the event that the celebration period of the Draw has ended, being the cancellation posterior to the end, the Organizer commits to the award of the Prize expressly indicated according the provided Bases. However, this does not apply when the cancellation of the Draw is due to force majeure or circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer, and it is not obliged to award the Prize.

The Organizer reserves the right to make changes that result in the successful end of the Draw when there is a fair cause or reasons of force majeure that prevent it from being completed in the manner in which these Bases are collected. The Organizer reserves the right to postpone or extend the period of participation of the Draw.

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify this Draw, to change or vary any condition or requirement thereof and/or these Bases, as well as to replace the Prize or any part thereof for a different prize. In all cases cited previously users would be informed through the mentioned websites or social networking pages.


All clauses or extremes of the present Bases must be interpreted independently and autonomously, not being affected the rest of stipulations in case one of them is declared null by a final judicial sentence.

The Organizer will replace the clause or clauses affected by another or others that have the effects corresponding to the purposes pursued by the parties in the present Bases.


The current regulations will determine the laws that should govern and the jurisdiction that must know the relations between the Organizer and the participants of the Draw. Nevertheless, in those cases in which the current legislation provides for the possibility for the parties to submit to a specific jurisdiction, the Organizer and the participating users, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, are subject to Spanish law and to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid Capital.