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We are giving away 10 packs of 2 sunglasses signed for




Win 2 pairs of sunglasses signed for Paula EchevarríaThe more you participate, the better your chances of winning.

1. Follow @Hawkersco

2. Post that image to your Instagram Stories in a screenshot tagging @Hawkersco

3. Click on "read more" and sign up!



“Sunglasses signed by Paula Echevarría”




PLAY HAWKERS, S.L., with registered address at Elche Parque Empresarial, calle Santiago Ramón y Cajal, nº 37, holder of TAX ID B-54.754.718, a company registered with the Alicante Commercial Registry in Volume 374, Folio 166, Page A-138493, (hereinafter, the “Organiser”), provides these terms and conditions for participants located in Spanish national for the draw called “Sunglasses signed by Paula Echevarría” (henceforth, the “Draw”), which they can take part in using the Website specifically created by the Organiser.



The term to take part in the Draw starts on 7 June 2017, at 12 noon CET, and it finishes on 30 June at 12 noon CET, and no new entries are allowed from then onwards.

The selection of the winner shall take place on 1 July 2017 after the Draw ends, according to the procedure and criteria provided in these Rules, although there may be a delay of up to one (1) calendar day for organisational, technical and/or availability reasons.

The Organiser reserves the right to suspend, delay, cancel or amend the term of the Draw at any time before its termination, for justified causes, which shall be published on the communication channels used to organise and announce the Draw, and on any social media profiles belonging to the Organiser used to this end.

The scope of the Draw is national, and entries in the draw shall be free (except for the cost arising out of Internet connection costs) for all residents in Spain meeting the requirements set out in these Rules.



To take part in the Draw, the following conditions are essential:

  • Being a natural person (private individual).
  • Being eighteen years of age (18) or older.
  • Being a usual resident in the territory of the State of Spain.

Taking part in the Draw is entirely free, and there are no additional costs or charges for entering the Draw.

To guarantee the Independence of the Draw and its transparency, the executives, employees of the Organiser, and collaborators and/or director or indirect contractors taking part in the preparation of the Draw or any of the current or existing elements used to hold it, as well as their family members up to the second degree, cannot take part in the Draw. Should they do so, they cannot be winners under any circumstances.

Persons failing to meet each and every one of the conditions provided above cannot take part in the Draw. Should any person win and fail to fulfil the requirements detailed under this clause, they shall be eliminated from the Draw and lose their entitlement to be given the prize won.

The Organiser reserves the right not to accept or to reject entries from any users preventing or hindering the good progress of the Draw in any way and/or who carried out actions that could be considered improper, contrary to good faith and the principles of Independence, impartiality and/or objectiveness of the result of the Draw. 

Taking part in the Draw involves accepting each and every one of the terms provided in these Rules and the corresponding announcement of the winners once the draw has ended.



The Draw is part of a promotional campaign about Hawkers products, and has the following requirements: registering at a landing page of the draw, following the official Instagram account of Hawkers and making a screen take of the publication to upload it to Stories tagging Hawkers (@Hawkersco).

  • The Organiser reserves the right to change the date and time of the event, where it deemed fit, providing due notice to the Winner.

The Draw, as provided herein, must take place in agreement with Clause Two of the Rules (“Timescale and Territorial Scope of the Draw”).


All users wishing to enter the Draw shall do the following:

  • Registering on a landing page of the draw.
  • Following the official Instagram account of Hawkers.
  • Making a screen take of the publication to upload it to Stories and tagging Hawkers (@Hawkersco).

The Organiser shall solely consider the entries from users expressly fulfilling all requirements set forth under these Rules. 


Although there are no limitations as far as user participation is concerned, where the Organiser found or had sufficient proof, irrespective of the manner or technical methods used, that a person had taken part in the Draw impersonating another, as if they were different users, or had failed to comply with any other portion of these Rules, the breaching user shall automatically be eliminated and disqualified.



Following the end of the term expressly stated in the Rules of the Draw, a random draw shall be completed to draw the names of the TEN (10) winning users (hereinafter, the “ Winning User”), from among all the participants meeting the requirements specifically provided in the Rules and who had filled in the forms properly.

In any event, the procedure to choose the Winning User shall solely include the entrants meeting all the requirements expressly provided in these Rules. 

Following the selection of the Winning User, the Organiser shall announce the prize on Instagram and through a landing page.

Where the Winning User failed to reply within 24 hours from the announcement that s/he was a winner of the Draw through the channel agreed, or where such person rejected the prize, it shall be understood that such Winning User expressly waives the right to the prize, and a new random selection shall take place to find another Winning User. Should the next winner fail to answer in a further 24 hours from the notice of the prize, the Organiser reserves the right to take the decision it deems fit in respect of the prize, and may even declare the prize void.

In any event, the Organiser shall not be liable where any of the personal data provided by Winning Users were false or, where this data was required for their identification and/or for the notice of the prize, it turned out to be inaccurate and, therefore, the notice or identification could not take place.



The Winning User shall win the following prize:

A pack with TWO (2) pairs of Hawkers X Paula Echevarría signed sunglasses: one in Azure and one in Crystal Green.



The relevant tax regulations under Spanish laws in force shall apply to the prizes of this Draw.



In agreement with the provisions laid down under Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, all personal data provided by the user on the website in taking part in the Draw shall be treated as confidential in agreement with the Privacy Policy of, which all users must expressly agree to for the registration of their entry on the system.



The Organiser, and all entities related to this Draw, if any, shall not be held liable for any losses, damage, delays, or any other events due to third parties or to the Internet, which could affect entries in this Draw. 

Moreover, the Organiser makes no warranties as to the availability, continuity, or infallibility of the operation of the Internet platform used to carry out the Draw. Therefore, it excludes, to the maximum extent allowed by laws in force, any liability for any damages due to the lack of availability, continuity or malfunctioning of said platform, that could affect or prevent participation in the Draw and/or its ordinary course.

Should the lack of availability of the platform where the Draw is taking place affect more than 25% of the time expressly provided for its implementation, the Organiser reserves the right to cancel and repeat the Draw and may, in any event, cancel all entries up until that time, and these shall not be preserved for the next draw.

Although the Organiser commits to carry out its duties as an organiser, set out under these Rules, with due diligence, it shall not be liable for: misuse of the Internet platform by participating users; the errors of the contents and data provided by such persons or the failed attempts to access such platform relating to the Draw, or its information; for errors and technical failures that may occur in processing participant entries, or for any other damages that may be suffered by the Winning User for taking part in this Draw or due to using the Prize, and it shall solely be responsible in connection with its own products in respect of consumers and users.

In any event, if any Winning User is found to have committed fraud or dishonesty, the Organiser reserves the right to exclude such person or not to give him/her the Prize. Additionally, the Organiser reserves the right to eliminate the registration of any participating user suspected of irregular activities, with no need to notify such person. 

Moreover, the Organiser states that it undertakes no liability for any damage that may be suffered by the Winning User and/or their companion in the transfers before, during or after the photo shoot. 

Any improper or fraudulent use of these Rules by participating users shall give rise to the automatic deregistration of these participating users.

By taking part in the Draw, participants agree that they have read and accepted this disclaimer clause, and the Rules of the Draw.



In any event, the Organiser reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Draw at any time, notwithstanding the fact that the relevant advertisement shall be made using the methods employed to organise the draw. No liability is undertaken for any such amendments or for a force majeure event outside the control of the organising entity, which commits to provide sufficient notice of the new rules and conditions for participation.

Likewise, and whenever there was a justified and duly motivated cause, the Organiser reserves the right to cancel the Draw. In such case and, whenever the term expressly provided in these rules had not ended, the Organiser does not undertake to assign the Prize expressly indicated.

Should the term for holding the Draw have ended, and where the cancellation happened thereafter, the Organiser undertakes to share out the Prize expressly indicated in agreement with the terms provided. However, the above shall not be applicable if the cancellation of the Draw was due to a force majeure event or to circumstances outside the Organiser’s control, and it shall not be bound to award the Prize agreed in such case.

The Organiser reserves the right to make changes to ensure the successful outcome of the Draw if there were any justified reasons or force majeure scenarios preventing the successful completion of the above in the way set out in these Rules. The Organiser reserves the right to delay or extend the entry period for this Draw.

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or amend this Draw, to change or modify any condition or requirement of the same and/or these Rules and, additionally, to replace the Prize or any part of the above with a different one. In all the cases mentioned, users shall previously be informed via the aforementioned websites or social media pages.



All clauses or details of these Rules shall be interpreted independently and separately, and shall not be affected by the remaining clauses should one of them be declared void in a final court judgment.

The Organiser shall replace the affected clause(s) for others with effects equal to the aims sought by the parties in these Rules.



Current regulations in force shall establish the governing law and the jurisdiction responsible for the relations between and among the Organiser and the entrants in the Draw. Notwithstanding the above, where such current regulations provided the opportunity for the parties to submit to a given jurisdiction, the Organiser and the participating users, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, submit to the laws of Spain and the Courts and Tribunals of Elche (Alicante, Spain).