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The courier will send you an email with your tracking number once the package is prepared and has left the warehouse. Once you have received it, you will be able to enter the tracking number on the relevant website.

If your tracking number does not work, try again later, as it normally takes a few hours for the tracking details to be updated in the system. Please note that the courier only delivers on working days.

If your order passes through customs, we are not liable for any additional costs that may incur.

If you send a return package to a different address other than the one provided by email, we are not liable for any loss or misplacement.



Spain 3-5 business days €7
Canary Island 5-7 business days €9
Portugal 3-5 business days €5
Germany 5-7 business days €7
United Kingdom 5-7 business days €5
Greece 5-7 business days €5
Italy 5-7 business days €7
France 5-7 business days €7



If you receive a faulty product, please attach a picture in which the defect is visible, as well as a picture of the temple or arm of the sunglasses where 4B or HM is printed so that we can verify it and resolve your problem.



In the case of receiving the wrong product, please attach a picture of everything you have received, along with the respective references on the boxes and we will resolve the problem for you once the content has been verified.



If you wish to invoke your right of withdrawal, please contact us here: contact page.

The right of withdrawal states that you can return the product within 14 days upon reception, paying the shipping fees that may incur by returning this product. Once we receive the products, we will refund the corresponding amount of the order, excluding the cost of the return shipping costs, unless all products purchased are returned, in which case, we will also reimburse the shipping fees of the original order.

If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, please just fill in our contact form,, following the instructions.



Our lenses have UV400 protection, which protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays. Our sunglasses comply to the following standards: American Standard ANSI Z80.3-2001, Australian Standard AS / NZS 1067: 2003, and Standard EN 1836-1997 in accordance with European Community Directive 89/686 / EEC.



Use your Hawkers cloth to clean them and your case transport them. Do not drag them accross a hard surface. Do not remove the arms more than 5 times. Do not leave them for a long time in direct sunlight or in the heat, for example avoid leaving them on the dashboard of the car.



  • ONE : 14 cm (front), 5 cm (height), 14 cm (arms)
  • ONE KIDS : 11,8 cm (front), 4,2 cm (height), 13 cm (arms)
  • CLASSIC : 13,8 cm (front), 4,9 cm (height), 14 cm (arms)
  • CLASSIC KIDS : 12,5 cm (front), 4,6 cm (height), 13 cm (arms), 1,6 cm (bridge)
  • WARWICK : 13,8 cm (front), 5 cm (height), 14 cm (arms)
  • WARWICK CLASSIC : 14 cm (front), 5,6 cm (height), 14,3 cm (arms)
  • LAX : 13,9 cm (front), 4,9 cm (height), 14cm (arms)
  • FLAT LAX : 14,3 cm (front), 4,7 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,5 cm (bridge)
  • MOTION : 14,4 cm (front), 5,6 cm (height), 14 cm (arms)
  • NOBU : 14,3 cm (front), 5,4 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms)
  • ROW / MONDAINE : 14,4 cm (front), 4,6 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms)
  • OMNIA : 13,2 cm (front), 4,8 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,6 cm (bridge)
  • HILLS : 13,9 cm (front), 4,7 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 2,1 cm (bridge)
  • SUNSET : 14,3 cm (front), 5 cm (height), 14 cm (arms)
  • ONE LS : 13,95 cm (front), 4,9 cm (height), 14,8 cm (arms), 1,6 cm (bridge)
  • ONE LS FLAT TOP : 13,95 cm (front), 5,4 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms), 1,6 cm (bridge)
  • BEL-AIR : 13,4 cm (front), 4,77 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms), 2,1 cm (bridge)
  • NEW CLASSIC : 13,95 cm (front), 4,56 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms), 1,9 cm (bridge)
  • MOMA : 13,3 cm (front), 4,66 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 2 cm (bridge)
  • CLASSIC ROUNDED : 13,7 cm (front), 4,97 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms), 2 cm (bridge)
  • LACMA : 13,8 cm (front), 5 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,5 cm (bridge)
  • MELROSE : 14 cm (front), 4,4 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 2,5 cm (bridge)
  • ROUNDED LOLITA : 13,8 cm (front), 4,2 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,7 cm (bridge)
  • COLLINS : 14,3 cm (front), 5 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,6 cm (bridge)
  • TULLUM : 14,5 cm (front), 5,2 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 2,1 cm (bridge)
  • SPAGO : 14,1 cm (front), 5,5 cm (height), 14 cm (arms)
  • DREAM : 13,5 cm (front), 3,7 cm (height), 14 cm (arms)
  • LITTLE PAPARAZZI : 13,8 cm (front), 3,3 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,5 cm (bridge)
  • SQUARED CHELLA : 13,8 cm (front), 3,3 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,5 cm (bridge)
  • AMOUR : 14,2 cm (front), 4 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,8 cm (bridge)
  • CUORE : 14,7 cm (front), 5,85 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms), 2,1 cm (bridge)
  • NARCISO : 14,3 cm (front), 8,82 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms), 19 cm (bridge), 5,3 cm (lens diameter)
  • LAUPER : 14,4 cm (front), 4,35 cm (height), 14,8 cm (arms), 2,25 cm (bridge), 5,15 cm (diámetro lente)
  • HYPNOSE : 14,5 cm (front), 4,77 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 2,1 cm (bridge), 5,1 cm (lens diameter)
  • FASTER : 14,2 cm (front), 4,9 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,5 cm (bridge), 5,75 cm (lens diameter)
  • SUPERIOR : 14,6 cm (front), 5,5 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,7 cm (bridge), 13,8 cm (lens diameter)
  • AUDREY : 14,4 cm (front), 5,64 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 1,9 cm (bridge), 5,2 cm (lens diameter)
  • DIVINE : 13,8 cm (front), 5,3 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 2 cm (bridge), 5 cm (lens diameter)
  • TRAINING : 14,6 cm (front), 4,5 cm (height), 13 cm (arms)
  • CYCLING : 14,3 cm (front), 5,1 cm (height), 13,5 cm (arms)
  • MESSI HAT TRICK : 13,9 cm (front), 4,35 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms), 2,1 cm (bridge)
  • BOO JOHNSON : 13,5 cm (front), 5,2 cm (height), 14 cm (arms), 2 cm (bridge)
  • MIDNIGHT SIDE A: 14 cm (front), 5,2 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms)
  • MIDNIGHT SIDE B: 13,5 cm (front), 5,2 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms)
  • HATHI : 13,5 cm (front), 4,4 cm (height), 14,3 cm (arms), 1,9 cm (bridge)
  • KIBA : 14,5 cm (front), 4,4 cm (height), 14,5 cm (arms), 2,1 cm (bridge)



Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

Debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.


Apple Pay.



If you have a query, please contact us by filling our our contact form.


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If you are interested in becoming an authorized retailer of Hawkers please write us at



Hawkers proactively seeks athletes to endorse the brand. Unsolicited Hawkers sponsorship requests are not accepted.



Hawkers gives products for good causes. Please contact us via email ( in order to see how can we collaborate.



If you want to work with us you can send us your CV via email and we will keep it for future selection processes if your profile does match our requirements. (



The commercial raffles and prizes advertised on our social networks are exempt from commercial value and therefore of guarantee; If you notice that the product is faulty, please let us know as soon as possible by filling out our contact form, Exchanges and refunds are not accepted.



Under the #fuckleucemia campaign, Hawkers and Unoentrecienmil join together with one clear aim; to end childhood leucemia. With your help, you’ll make the investigation of new treatments possible so that all diagnosed children are offered help to overcome this illness.

Worldcoo is the solidary donation widget that enables the financing of social and cooperation projects through online purchases. Worldcoo selects and audits the project from the very beginning until the end so that each and every donated euro can be traced at

By making a purchase at you can make a micro donation to support the #fuckleucemia campaign, developed together with the NGO Unoentrecienmil. The microdonation can be made before completing your purchase by clicking on the check box. This initiative is developed within the framework of the collaboration agreement between Hawkers and World. You can track the status of the collection for the project by using the following link.

The donations made are exempt from VAT and will be appear on your purchase invoice along with the rest of the products purchased at In the case of cancelling your order or exercising your right of withdrawal on it, this will not affect the donation, since it is not reimbursable.



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